Downtown Spokane Engagement – Nhi and Tyler

Soon she’ll be leaving everything behind to follow him.

Nhi and Tyler met nearly three years ago at Zola, in Spokane. Almost two years later, they reconnected and started long-distance dating. From road trips back east in Tyler’s sweet Mustang, to dinners at Santé in Spokane, their relationship has been one awesome adventure after another. Now, Nhi will say goodbye to her friends and family in Spokane to move to Little Rock and follow her love.

Fast forward to next May.

These love birds will be flying to Maui for the tropical wedding of their dreams – and we’re going with them. We’ll start with a beach ceremony, then move to a dinner and reception at world famous Gannon’s Restaurant at Wailea Golf Course. The day-after we’ll spend traveling around the island looking to create incredible art while visiting water pools at low tide, lava flows, and tropical waterfalls.

Until then here are some shots from their downtown Spokane engagement session!

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