We’re not your typical wedding photographers.

We specialize in unique, one-of-a-kind images that would be considered ART-WORTHY, even if our clients weren’t in the photos.

From the first minute of our wedding day, we shoot with a 50/50 rule: half the time is for safe, beautiful portraits; the other half is ALL experimentation. This is where all of our jaw-dropping images come from.

We are specifically looking for clients that are FANS of amazing photos and are excited about helping us create them. That’s right helping us. As our bride and groom, you will play an integral part of helping us make a photo that will blow people away. Do we get some of the normal being-cute-with-each-other shots? You bet! (That’s the first 50%.) But what we excel at, and the reason we love to come to work every day, is to make something magical that transcends the back of a camera, something that makes us spin in a circle and jump up and down with delight when we’ve created a masterpiece.

We aren’t looking for normal clients, we are looking for bride’s and groom’s that are excited about making AWESOME photographs on their wedding day.

Don’t be normal. Be outstanding.



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